Clothes Call is the tenth episode in Season 1 of Cousins for Life. It first aired on March 9, 2019 to 0.85 million viewers.


Ivy and Stuart invent biodegradable clothes, but their prototypes disintegrate too quickly, leaving Lewis in an unfortunate situation at work when his suits begin falling apart in the middle of a court case.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • TBA as Judge Jerky
  • Judy Kain as Judge Vincent
  • Violet Lux as Lady L


  • This is the second episode where Lewis's Rule and Emergency books are shown. The first was Movin' In.


  • This episode was originally scheduled for a premiere on March 2, 2019 after Henry Danger's new episode but was taken out of the lineup due to the fact that Knight Squad would be airing at 9:30 and ending at 10:00.
  • The title is a parody on the phrase ''Close Call''.
  • ”Judge Jerky” is a parody of the TV Court Series “Judge Judy”.


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